A02S test point SM-A025F Samsung Galaxy A02S

On this blog I share to you the A02S test point SM-A025F Samsung Galaxy A02S to bypass frp remove google account and solve hardware or software problems.

Schematic drawing schematic A02S SM-A025F Diagram

Test Point SM-A025F Samsung Galaxy A02S

Download Firmware SM-A025F Samsung Galaxy A02S

A025FXXU3BUH1_A025FOLM3BUG2_XXV_11.0.zip / AFH / OneDrive / GDrive2 / DropBox

A025FXXU2AUC1_A025FOLM2AUC1_XXV_10.0.zip / AFH / OneDrive / GDrive2 / DropBox

A025FXXS2BUG1_A025FOLM2BUE3_XXV_11.0.zip / AFH OneDrive GDrive2


Download ODIN Tool

Samsung usb Driver To Connect on your pc

How To Enter Download Mode Samsung Galaxy A02s | SM-A025F/DS Download Mode

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