samsung tv firmware update

How to Update Samsung TV Firmware

How to Update Samsung TV Firmware in the latest generations of televisions are sophisticated electronic devices like computers. In addition to watching movies, TV shows or sports matches, they help owners communicate with friends on social networks, or, for example, read newspapers online. The built-in operating system controls all processes inside the TV. It is for her that special applications and widgets are written.

samsung tv firmware update

Why is it necessary to update the firmware? First of all, the new versions eliminate the errors and shortcomings of the old ones, identified in the process. In addition, some updates improve the performance of applications. And finally, newer versions have functionality that the old ones lack – for example, new, specially designed widgets.

The operating system that Samsung uses for Smart TV is called Tizen. It is based on the Linux kernel, and is also installed on other devices from this company – smart watches or smartphones. Unlike TVs with Android OS, TVs with Tizen have richer functionality and clear settings. The company has also developed its own browser.

How to understand that you need to update Samsung Smart TV

Let’s imagine a typical situation – you bought a new TV, brought it home, and plugged it in. After a little tweaking of Smart TV, you can enjoy the benefits of civilization. Usually, sports channels, YouTube, and online cinemas are the first to get on the list of popular applications. For men, the classic triad football-basketball-hockey is sometimes diluted with boxing. Representatives of the fair half prefer viewing culinary blogs, as well as fashion and style channels. For the younger generation, children’s channels are turned on.

But suddenly users start to notice something unusual.

  • Some applications disappear, the TV starts to “slow down”, stops recognizing some types of files, the quality of the reproduced audio and video content deteriorates.

These signals indicate that it’s time to update your Smart TV. In order to do this, special skills are not required, ordinary computer skills will be enough.

How to find out the current firmware version

Before updating the firmware, you need to find out the version first. It is specified in one of the settings sub-items. In different series of TVs, this sub-item is called differently.

For TVs of the R-, N-, M-, Q-, LS-series, you need to choose the path:

“Menu” => “Settings” => “Support” => “About this TV”.

The last sub-item contains information about the TV – model code, serial number, MAC address and other information. We are interested in the line “Software version”. If it does not appear on the screen, press the down arrow to display the missing lines of text.

For K-series TVs:

“Menu” => “Settings” => “Support” => “Contact Samsung”.

See software version similar to previous series.

For TVs J-, H-, F- and E-series:

“Menu” => “Support” => “Contact Samsung”.

See software version similar to previous series.

  • Then write down the number of the current software version on paper so that you can compare it with the number of the latest version on the website.

How to update the firmware of a Samsung TV

It should be remembered that the operating system of the TV must definitely be upgraded. Flashing Smart TV is not as difficult as it might seem. Any user with experience with a computer and Internet access can handle this. After updating Samsung Smart TV, software flaws are eliminated, system performance is increased, and new functions become available.

There are two ways to update Smart TV firmware – via the network or via USB. Both methods have their pros and cons, but the result will be absolutely identical. After updating the software, the stability of the TV is increased, various errors of previous versions are corrected. Let’s consider both of these options.

Updating over the network

This method is less laborious, but more risky. During the software update, the TV connected to the Internet downloads the new firmware file to the flash drive, then automatically opens and installs it. But network connections are sometimes unstable.

  • To avoid breaking your TV, you must first of all ensure uninterrupted communication.

To do this, check the Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi wireless connection settings (if the TV supports it). Do not use this method if the connection is unstable or the internet is slow.

To update your Samsung Smart TV over the Internet, select in the settings menu:

Menu => Support => Software Update.

This item has two sub-items – “Update now” (in some models it is called “Over the network”), and “Automatic update”. It is necessary to select the first sub-item. The TV will search for an updated firmware version and a message will appear on the screen stating that a new version is available. After pressing the “Yes” button, the TV will start downloading it.

If the update is successful, the TV will automatically turn off and on again.

  • Attention: it is strictly forbidden to turn off the TV while installing the update! This can lead to malfunction or damage.

USB update
This method takes more time, but is safer than the first. It is useful for those users who have purchased a TV without Internet access, or whose network is temporarily unavailable. First, find out the current version of the software installed on the TV, as well as the model number. How to do this – we described above.

  • It is best to write down all the necessary data on paper.

We also need a computer or laptop connected to the Internet, and a clean USB flash drive for Samsung Smart TV with a capacity of at least 4 GB. It must first be formatted in the FAT32 file system.

Using a computer, visit the support page on the Samsung official website at . In the search box, enter your model number, and go to the desired page.

Click on “Downloads & Guides” and scroll down the page.

You will see a list of files with updates and version numbers. Compare the version of your firmware with the one presented on the website.

  • You should only download files when your installed version number is lower than in the download list.

Click on the “Downloads” button, which is located opposite the selected version, and save the installation file on your computer. Please note that it is in .zip format and should be unzipped with any suitable program. Save the unzipped file to a USB flash drive and insert it into the USB port on the back of the TV.

USB port on the back of the TV

Then you need to find the update item via USB in the settings:

Menu => Support => Software Update => Update Now.

A message will appear on the screen asking you to search for update files on the connected USB device. Click the “Yes” button.

After finding the files, click “Yes” again to update the firmware. The TV will automatically reboot after the update.

  • Attention: it is strictly forbidden to turn off the TV, or pull out the USB flash drive while installing the update!

What to do if the firmware has flown

Yes, unfortunately it happens sometimes. The modern TV is a complex high-tech device that can malfunction. How to recognize this trouble? Here are some of the symptoms:

  1. when the TV is turned on, it “freezes” without responding to button presses
  2. no image
  3. distorted characters in the menu
  4. distortion of the picture: there may be only half of the image, or it is displaced
  5. settings cannot be changed

If the failure was caused by the software, it may be possible to fix it.

To do this, you need to reflash Smart TV using a USB flash drive.

How to do this – we described above. In the vast majority of cases, the problem is easily solved. After the software update, the TV operating system starts working without errors. This reduces the response time after pressing the buttons, and it will also be possible to install new, previously unavailable applications. We recommend that you update your firmware regularly and enjoy the smooth operation of your TV!

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